New Wii U Game Is Better as a Wii Game

Rodea the Sky Soldier is a Wii game that, despite being made a beloved game creators, looked like it would never see the light of day. But now, after being remade for Wii U, the game has finally been released in Japan with the original Wii version as a bonus. But one version is clearly better than the other. » 5/01/15 5:00am Friday 5:00am

Rodea's Multiplayer Is Kinda Like Sonic Adventure 2's Battle Races

While many consider the 3D Sonic games uniformly inferior to the 2D ones, many of my best Sonic memories come from Sonic Adventure 2—and not just the game’s single player. I can’t count the hours I spent doing racing battles with my friends—which is probably why I find the multiplayer of Rodea the Sky Soldier so… » 4/28/15 5:30am 4/28/15 5:30am

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Is Dynasty Warriors and Little More

Dynasty Warriors games are well known for following a strict gameplay formula. However, in recent tie-in titles like Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes, more and more innovation has been brought in to augment the core gameplay in interesting ways. This is not so for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, however. » 4/21/15 4:00am 4/21/15 4:00am

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Is Enjoyable Yet Flawed

When you think of Dragon Ball Z villains, one in particular probably comes to mind: Frieza. So bringing him back in the latest big screen feature, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, seems like a natural idea. » 4/20/15 4:00am 4/20/15 4:00am

Tokyo Ghoul √A Has Strong Characters But a Weak Story

Super-powered “ghouls” stalk through the night hunting humans for food; the police are largely powerless to protect the people; and a young man finds himself standing between the worlds of predator and prey. It’s a great setup. Too bad the follow-through was lackluster. » 4/17/15 8:00am 4/17/15 8:00am

Check Out the Spiritual Sequel to Nights into Dreams on Wii and Wii U

Rodea the Sky Soldier, the newest game by Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights into Dreams creator Yuji Naka was released on Wii U earlier this month. Even more interesting, the game was packaged with its never-before-released Wii version. Yet, it is more than just the graphics that have gotten an overhaul. » 4/17/15 4:00am 4/17/15 4:00am

Aldnoah.Zero Is About Personal Failings as Much as Giant Robots

The first season of Aldnoah.Zero took the mecha anime formula of Gundam and turned it on its head—giving the super powerful mecha to the villains and leaving the heroes with vastly inferior mecha. The second season continues using this inverted formula but also focuses on one man’s tragic fall from grace. » 4/14/15 8:00am 4/14/15 8:00am

Here’s Your Complete Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest Song List

We’ve already been able to rock out to two Theatrhythm games full of Final Fantasy tunes , so now it’s time to have one focusing on Square Enix’s other JRPG giant, Dragon Quest—complete with 65 tunes to show off. » 4/14/15 7:00am 4/14/15 7:00am

New Steins;Gate Game and Anime to Tell an Intriguing Story

Last week, 5pb. announced a new Steins;Gate game and anime are in the works. And while there have been spin-offs and fandiscs to Steins;Gate previously, Steins;Gate 0 is the first to be touted as a vital part of the main story. » 4/10/15 7:00am 4/10/15 7:00am

Your Complete Spring 2015 Anime Guide

With the spring comes new anime—50 of them to be exact. But with so much anime, how do you know which ones to watch? Check out the trailers and brief blurbs below to see which of them catches your interest. » 4/07/15 8:00am 4/07/15 8:00am

The Persona 3 Films Continue to Impress

I’ve been more than a little impressed by the first two movies in the Persona 3 film series. And with its focus on character development and thematic exploration, the third film, Persona 3: Falling Down, sets the bar even higher. » 4/06/15 6:00am 4/06/15 6:00am